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Graine de photographe
Another Street

Street Photography Awards 2018 I First prize
London Street Photography Festival 2018 I Finalist
Bangkok Street Photo Festival 2018 I Finalist
StreetFoto San Fransisco 2018 I Third prize
212 Photography Festival Istanbul 2018 I Shortlisted
Italian Street Photography Festival 2018 I First prize
Observe I Down by the river 2017 I finalist
BSPF 2017 I Guest curator
Brussels Street Photography Festival 2016 I First prize
LensCulture street photography awards series 2016 I Third prize
Streetfoto San Francisco 2016 I finalist
Observe I Under Construction 2015 I finalist
Urban Picnic Street Photography 2014 I finalist
Miami Street Photography Festival 2014 I finalist

The RPS Journal I January 2017

Der Freitag I Nr. 24

The Best of LensCulture I Volume 1

Aesthetica Magazine Issue 78

Underdogs issue 13

Max Joseph Magazine I Bavarian State Opera

Stolen Ground no.3 I Ease

Stolen Ground No.1

Interkulturalnost March 2015

Fragment Collective I IMAGENATION PARIS I Paris November 2018
Fragment Collective I Graine de photographe I Paris March 2018
Les Dominants I SPACE PLACE, Nijni Taguil, Russia I November 2017
Fragment Collective I IMAGENATION I Paris November 2017
Fragment Collective I Street Sans Frontières I Paris May 2017
BSPF I Hotel Bloom I Brussels April 2017
Fragment Collective I Galerie Düo I Paris November 2015
Street Parade I Studio Cui Cui I Paris November 2014

Broad Magazine
Life is street
Picture a healthier world
121Clicks I 25 Inspiring Color Street Photographs From HCSP
Editions L'heliotrope I Les dominants
DeathB4Digital Takeover
Lensculture I SHiMA
Ignant I Les Dominants
Ignant I SHiMA
Box in a box idea
Self Publish Be Happy
SPNC Year 4 - # 24
ISP Magazine
DirtyBlog I Fauna
DirtyBlog I Venustreet
DirtyBlog I Photographers
Streetshootr: Cats
Stolen Ground Publishing
fotografi di strada
Fisheye magazine I Instagram
Ignant Flickr friday